Mod Meter

$ 21.11

Brand VacaVapes

Welcome To ModMeter

ModMeter it the all in one display that will show you the wattage, amperage, resistance, voltage under load and battery level of your mod. This Ohm's law calculator chipset doesn't carry any current so it will work perfectly with high current builds so no more limits on your super sub ohm high current setups.

Created by modders for modders, this was designed to display exactly what we wanted to see and we thought was lacking from the market. Many months later and lots of brain ache have gone into ModMeter so we are very proud it is finally available for all you un-regulated and regulated mod builders.

It's time to see what your mod pumps out with a ModMeter.


ModMeter will display the battery level. If your mod is a single or a double cell, it will know and will display the battery level accordingly. It will display the voltage under load so will display the real voltage of your mod when it is in use.

It will also display your resistance, wattage and amperage by using Ohm's law to calculate the values using voltage under load and resistance and will also stay on for 10 seconds after firing.

How Does It Work?

The board has 4 wires. 2 are connected to your power supply and 2 are connected as close to the 510 as possible. The sense wires test the resistance continually when not firing and the voltage under load when it is. The battery connections are needed so the meter has constant power to keep checking the resistance and also means the meter can stay on after firing your mod. We have made it so the display stays on for 10 seconds after you have fired so plenty of time to see the display after using your mod. ModMeter is a sensitive beast working to 2 decimal places for all measurements. Most devices don't display these figures in real time. ModMeter does.





ModMeter Voltage Range

1 or 2 batteries. 3.2v - 8.4v.

Battery Voltage

Displays battery power icon.
1 Battery: < 3.2v displays empty battery. 3.2v-4.2v in 0.1v increments.
2 Batteries: <6.4v displays empty battery. 6.4v-8.4v in 0.2v increments.


Displays resistance to 2 decimal places. Example: 1.23Ω
F+ connects to 510+ & F- connects to 510-
Range: 0.00Ω - 9.90Ω. If over this range it will display 9.90Ω

Voltage Under Load

Displays the voltage when firing your mod to 2 decimal place. Example 1.23V.


Displays wattage to 2 decimal places. Example 1.23W.
Wattage is calculated from resistance and voltage under load.


Displays amperage to 2 decimal places. Example 1.23A.
Amperage is calculated from the resistance and voltage under load.

Reverse Polarity Protection

Auto protection if the batteries are put in the wrong way around.


24AWG silicone insulated.
F+ connects to 510+
F- connects to 510-
B+ connects to battery+
B- connects to battery-

PCB Size

Approx 20mm x 28mm x 8mm

Display Timeout

ModMeter has an always on connection so the display can stay on for 10 seconds after firing.


What It Will Not Work On

ModMeter won't work with N-Channel Mosfet mods unless it has a seperate power supply. Connecting up ModMeter to an N-Channel Mosfet build will make it autofire so we suggest that if you want a ModMeter for a Mosfet build, use a P-Channel Mosfet.

It won't work with negative switching mods because connecting up ModMeter will complete the circuit. Putting your mods power through the board will no doubt, be too much current and will damage it.

ModMeter, just like other voltmeters, will have a hard time checking voltage under load when the voltage is in a wave so it won't work properly with PWM builds.