Cherry Bomber Switch Upgrade Magnet Pack

$ 2.99

Brand VacaVapes

We do not buy our magnets "off the shelf" we have them custom made to our specifications
They are N45H Neodymium magnets which we have found to be the best balance of magnetic force and operating temperature range. Most sell weaker N35 magnets

Our magnets are not nearly as brittle.No more having magnets pull together with a crash and shattered magnet pieces!
They are finished with a high quality nickel coating.

Magnet Pack Choice 1 - #A100
2 Magnets total. One 2mm thick and one 3mm thick
Firm resistance.
Firmness cannot be adjusted

Magnet Pack Choice 2 - #A101:
3 Magnets total. One 3mm thick and two 1mm thick
Lighter resistance than choice 1
Can run with only 2 of the 3 magnets to lighten resistance of button

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